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Following The Tide Of Artistic Creation

All the experience continues to be utilized in whatever capacity I am in, from simply helping my grandchildren in doing creative presentation brochures to informing community members on program needs, and foremost listening. Tamara Shepherd is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, Media and Film at the University of Calgary. She studies the feminist political economy of digital culture, looking at policy, labour and literacy in social media, mobile technologies, and digital games. She is an editorial board member of Social Media + Society, and her work has been published in Convergence, First Monday, International Journal of Cultural Studies, and the Canadian Journal of Communication. This paper endeavours to understand the CBC’s position in a rapidly shifting mediascape through the institution’s engagement with the emerging medium of podcasting. Using discourse and textual analysis, it argues that the CBC’s engagement with podcasting is emblematic of the tensions within the institution between public service and commercial imperatives. Podcasting appears to offer the CBC the means to potentially revitalize its radio division, an historical strength with respect to its fulfillment of its national public service mandate, to better serve domestic stakeholders.

Qouleur Festival

It’s taken decades of targeted research, policy analysis and unrelenting advocacy by women’s industry organizations. Recently, the MeToo movement has spurred more awareness and access for women. When festivals strike a balance between growing and making radical political statements, the queer movement can build, maybe even in a global arts environment that is increasingly dominated by liberal and corporate interests. It’s not the size of the festival that matters, but the kind of political and cultural change it effects. In all the acrimonious letters the provincial government received that year, the greatest source of moral outrage was over public funding of the queer film festival.

Queer Instagram

As a strategy, this self-essentialization is a political choice, a choice of deliberately acting out on culture. It is a social performance, a performance that creates a culture of resistance because in doing so the resistances can be recognized. Lin has also started an AR book in collaboration with Anteism, however it’s still in its early stages. «I feel like I’ve opened up more time purposefully,» the artist said, and although she has a few projects on the horizon, Lin is still waiting for them to take shape. Lin began teaching at the university during her master’s degree in print media in 2001.

Qouleur Festival

Tahere Falahati is a classical Persian singer whose voice can move from a vibratory yodel to the powerfully stretched crescendo necessary in the genre. But in her home country of Iran, the law has created strict artistic limitations for women since the 1979 Islamic Revolution and prevented her from pursuing her passion. Although she holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, Falahati’s heart was in music. In 2001 she and her family moved to North Vancouver and in 2013 she released her debut album On a Moment with You. The album has found an eager and hungry audience through the internet and in the Persian Diaspora. Derek Denis is an assistant professor of linguistics in the Department of Language Studies at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

What Is Your Role, Where Are You Based And Where Do You Sell Your Products?

They were also products of interaction between the country of origin of the educators and founders of institutions and the local community where they founded the school. I chose to examine nine port cities in the Mediterranean, as port cities were the main venues where cultural exchange happened in the 19th century and thus usually had more foreign schools than cities that were inland. The cities I chose are Beirut, Saida and Trablous in Lebanon, Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Corfu in Greece, Larnaka in Cyprus and Shkoder and Durres in Albania. Lin mentioned that her teaching schedule has reduced, allowing more time for creative pursuits, whatever those may be. She is currently working on a project with Aquino involving the Quebec Gay Archives. Although some may see print media and zine work as disposable, Lin believes in its ability to connect with and create space for those not reflected in the mainstream art scene.

Qouleur Festival

This panel will explore top-down views of policymaking as well as bottom-up attempts to advocate for legitimacy within the policy process. I explore the issue from a media ecological point of view with employing the political economy of communications. Surveillance has always been a part of the Israeli government’s settler-colonial project (Abu-Laban et al., 2011; Lyon, 2011; Lentin, 2017). In March 2020, the Israeli government announced new emergency regulations in response to the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. For Palestinians living in the occupied territory to hold a valid or renew their permit to enter Israel for work, family visit, school or medical checkups, they are asked to download the ‘Al Munasiq’ in Arabic, or ‘The Coordinator’ app. This app then «allows the army to track the user’s phone location as well as access any notifications they receive, files they download or save, and the device’s camera» (Ali, 2020, p.11). In 2016, Daniel L. Doctoroff, financier, former deputy mayor of New York City and head of the then-year-old Google company Sidewalk Labs, asked the question, «What would a city look like if you started from scratch in the internet era – if you built a city ‘from the internet up?

Her research focuses on the ethical dimensions of biotechnology, feminist science, and artificial intelligence. She co-manages the web-based project, «Platforms, Populisms, Pandemics, Riots» ( However, the emergence and growth of Twitch, and platforms like it, have challenged existing understandings of ownership, intellectual property and fair use related to user-generated content. Game-oriented live-streaming platforms complicate the legal and regulatory precedents set by more generalized, video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. This is namely due to, one, the position they occupy within the video game industry and, two, their technical features. Twitch has become central to the operation of competitive gaming (e-sports) and the promotional initiatives of game developers and publishers. Further, the live-streaming affordances of these platforms pose their own difficulties with regards to content regulation and moderation. Even now, this language permeates funding, legislative and production/distribution systems and strategies in an increasingly platformized world.

  • Playback Magazine named Jesse the trailblazer of the year for 2020, and he was also included on Maclean’s Magazine’s Power List for 2020 and Toronto Life’s list of the most influential Torontonians of 2020.
  • research hub // We offer up to 40 hours of studio time free of charge or heavily subsidized.
  • She is also one among few former sex workers to hold office in a political setting.
  • She also serves on the International Editorial Board of the journal Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

For those concerned with what I’m writing about, I highly recommend the book «Shakedown», Ezra Levant’s passionately-written and occasionally-offensive testament to the absurdity of our «human rights» legislation. Before the Harper government’s bold move, it was against the Human Rights Act to express hate or contempt for people in Canada. If this weren’t absurd enough, the law was upheld by quasi-judicial bodies comprised of people with possibly no legal training. Paragraph 175 of the German criminal code, initially passed in 1871, criminalized sexual behaviour between men. Upon taking power, the Nazis intensified the law, allowing for the detention of homosexuals in concentration camps without any legal trial. Of the 5,000–15,000 gay men placed in concentration camps, up to 60 per cent perished. Her words are the same as those used 50 years ago against gays busting down closets, letting the world know that they’re here and they’re queer.

Generations of Queer is an exhibition centred on storytelling, creating a dialogue between the works of two senior artists and two younger artists who have come into queer discourses as beneficiaries of the activism of their predecessors. There has been a recent influx of queer representation in the mainstream media. I cannot say for sure whether it thrives in these spaces because this sort of «minority» representation comes with its own set of problematics. I think what sets queer curating aside is that it has always been a grassroots, underground, DIY practice that gravitates around «queer community» .

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