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Le Réseau Canadian Pour La Santé Des Femmes

Drawing on cultural studies’ use of circuits and moments to interpret culture, we identify three moments—input, code, and context—to evaluate how different algorithms act as cultural and media policy. These moments do not simply offer the chance to make algorithmic governance transparent, but provide opportunities to situate algorithms within larger systems of power and structural inequity. Building on our analytical framework, we conclude by offering recommendations for policymakers and other stakeholders to begin to address the algorithmic regulation of culture. We provide suggestions for governments , cultural institutions and technology and media firms . Overview of the developments in citizen engagement and lobbying by public interest groups and media users, relative to the access to and affordability of private and public digital media services and content available to citizens and consumers.

Qouleur Festival

His texts, videos and essays have been published by several media outlets including ZDFinfo, Zeit Online and Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. In this Body Mapping Lab we want to investigate the practice and notion of developing a site-specific performance, in this case starting from the so called «lost place» Teufelsberg in Berlin-Charlottenburg. During eight days we want to explore this kind of performance practice by using the concept and method of Body Mapping. In the core of this concept, the space is not only treated as a place for the creation of the plot . More than this, the place serves as a platform to observe, experience and especially «embody» it from the inside. To this aim, the body is used as a translator who is encouraged to adapt habitually to the place by reinterpreting it and by generating other types of expression and presence.

On Vous A Programmé Une Escapade Pour Vos Prochaines Vacances !

He is recognized for his documentary interviews, historical narratives, opera, found footage and camp. His work reflects many of the legal and politically struggles for queers in the 1980s as well as world politics with a strong queer voice. Utilizing her background in acting and storytelling, Smith is a powerhouse of humour, wit and theatricality to witness on-stage. Her performance alter ego, Dainty Box, is a powerful, demanding, charismatic and dangerous hostess and dancer who skillfully holds her audience in the palm of her hand with each arched eyebrow and sly hip rotation. During an interview with Vintage Vixen, she reminisced on how she would often root for the Hollywood film noir femmes fatales character inevitably destined for either tragedy or repentance. «I saw them as women who had armour and who were dangerous because they weren’t sorry and they knew what they wanted out of life,» she said. «They wanted to survive, they wanted to thrive and they would do that by any means necessary.» They have several gender-neutral clothing lines, published written works, done live performances and have been invited to numerous events as a public speaker.

Qouleur Festival

By unraveling the everyday challenges faced by ethnocultural communities, these artists engage with pressing social-political issues that continually fuel and challenge contemporary art discourse. His projects attempt to reckon with the histories of supremacy and oppression we struggle within our societies to transform. Recent works place familial historical narratives into broader socio-political context to explore the development of white supremacy in North America and beyond, and to examine our collective relationships to undoing it’s hold on our societies globally. Drawing on his relationships to queer, feminist, anti-colonial and anti-racist projects, he hopes to illuminate transformative potentials across history and futurity. Kelly Wilhelm is a bilingual strategist with more than 20 years’ experience leading innovation and change in Canada’s creative industries, arts and culture. She has led major strategy and policy initiatives to respond to disruption, capitalize on opportunities for growth, and secure new investment. She brings to the role extensive experience in stakeholder and government relations at the most senior levels.

Quadriceps : Programme Semaine 1

Increasingly, the contours of a data-driven society are shaped by the transformation of nearly all interactions (monetary, communication, locational, etc.) into a modality of quantifiable data. In making visible the infrastructure and ontology of such public works project, I ask a broader question regarding smart technology in context and the civic status of data ethics and data sovereignty, with implications for data Justice. Comprising seven case studies, and 28 official core partners (made up of representatives from universities, provincial and federal archives, artist-run centres, community organizations across Canada), the project involves more than 100 collaborating artists, academics and activists. Despite the many complex sets of relations in Canadian settler society, A/CA’s commitments remain firmly grounded within the various communities and case studies we are working alongside, attempting to directly address and activate conciliation and related ethical commitments. In this paper we investigate the extent and manner in which legal doctrine protecting the freedom of expression and personal privacy of employees is being transformed by the contending opportunities social media platforms afford. Our research is anchored in an analysis of 27 cases of workplace arbitration and court decisions dealing with disciplinary actions resulting from online speech. The findings show that in each instance the imposed disciplinary measures have been constructed in accordance with how employees’ speech reflects on employers and/or professional associations.

Qouleur Festival

are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that ‘s often difficult to discover. Now imagine the greatest of these monks are brought to the Western world, given a budget consisting of 50 bucks, an old Kit-Kat wrapper and a pat on the back, and told to make a film. To describe the plot almost seems futile and the best I can do is that it centers on a European pop star named Bene who goes into hiding after the love of his life is killed and a Fatwa is taken out on his life. Left mostly alone in an LA apartment, Bene can only contemplate his impending death, sing odd songs only vaguely related to the plot at large and find some way to escape the approaching «SSN». I want you to imagine for a moment a sect of monks, raised in the furthest reaches of the globe and trained from birth in the art of nonsense. While other men and women have trains of thought, these proud warriors of the random have Jackson Pollock paintings of thought, with no notion or idea they have being in any way related to what came before or after in their seething, chaotic mindscapes.

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