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Montreal Artist’s Pottery Line Has Real Personality

Samaa’s work has been exhibited internationally and locally, including at the Royal Ontario Museum, the Gardiner Museum, the Art Gallery of Mississauga, Nuit Blanche, Nuit Rose, and MUTEK. Dr. Maja Horn is Assistant Professor of Spanish & Latin American Cultures at Barnard College. in Performance Studies from NYU in 2002, and her Ph.D. in Romance Languages and Literatures from Cornell University in 2005. Before joining Barnard faculty in 2006, she was a research associate at FLACSO in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where she developed and taught a performance studies specialization. Her research focuses on Caribbean and Caribbean diasporic literature, visual arts and performance and theories of gender and sexuality. She is currently completing a manuscript on post-dictatorship Dominican literature and political culture. Anahita Norouzi is an Iranian born, Montreal based artist who graduated from Soureh University in Tehran in 2007 and Concordia University in 2013.

  • It coordinates a direct-correspondence program for gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgender, gendervariant, two-spirit, intersex, bisexual and queer inmates in Canada and the United States, linking these inmates with people a part of these same communities outside of prison.
  • David Skinner is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at York University.
  • I also attended Abortion Rights Campaign Ireland on September 27,2014, and marched with 5000 people to support Irish women.
  • Dr. Beth Coleman is Associate Professor of Data & Cities at the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology and Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, where she directs the City as Platform lab.

The project’s goal was to allow students to encounter and investigate cultural objects from the Indigenous Collection at the Royal Ontario Museum from three perspectives – retrospection on the past, introspection on the present, and speculation on the future. For each student it was an exploration of discovery, realization, and activation on a deeply personal level. To help students navigate this path the research and teaching assistant team needed to understand what each student envisioned for their project and provide the practical digital means to achieve it without influencing the student’s creative process. ‘Generations of Queer artists, Elisha Lim, will lead an evening of storytelling with LeRoi Newbold, Kama La Mackerel both featured in Elisha’s portraits and Deanna Bowen.

Montreal Arts & Music This Week: The Fringes In

Besides turning a PhD on Thai multiraciality and queer diaspora into a manuscript, Jin is also working on a monograph about the racial and religious turn in gender and sexual politics. Of particular interest are the transnational travels of racist, neo-colonial and neoliberal paradigms through Europe and across the Atlantic, and the queer necropolitics of urban space and LGBT hate crime activism in Western Europe. Jin currently examines this with regard to the gentrification of the inner cities and the criminalization and pathologization of the people once confined to, and now displaced from, them. Her doctoral work is centered on the interplay of gender, sexuality and international migration, in particular within the context of asylum migrations. She is particularly interested in understanding the sexuality of asylum by focusing on «power geometries» and normativities concerning queer asylum. Her dissertation is concerned with the everyday life worlds and migratory experiences of queer asylum-seeking migrants who come from Iran and seek refugee asylum in Turkey. It is multi-sited ethnographic research following the lives and experiences of Iranian queers throughout their asylum-seeking migrations and in different geographical sites. Theoretically, Eda`s work draws on postcolonial, queer and feminist approaches to asylum, displacement, migrations, identities, belonging, and everyday life.

This presentation explores the controversial silence of Sidewalk Labs, the Google spin-off company, on its data collection plans and implications for privacy in the Quayside public consultations. Drawing on critical data studies and an analysis of Sidewalk Labs’ data governance proposals, this presentation argues that Sidewalk Labs is strategically shaping rules on data and privacy to privilege its business model and economic interests. Sidewalk Labs, arguing that obtaining people’s consent for data collection in public spaces is difficult, proposes to use a prototype system of signage to indicate how data will be collected, by whom, and for what purpose.

Montreal Triathlon

This led to us working on a collaborative moving exhibition with the Public Studio andMargins of Eras Galleryfor March and April 2018 as a direct, concrete way of supporting and tending towards each other. That’s little consolation for La Mackerel, who is also the founder of theMontreal-based Qouleur festival celebrating queer, trans, and two-spirited people of colour. Growing up queer miles away from the city, combined with having East Asian roots, Li admits times haven’t always been so easy. In an effort to make Montreal and Quebec more livable for other queer visible minorities, Li is also one of the organizers of Qouleur, a summer festival for people of colour that challenges hegemonic race and sexuality through workshops, performances and discussion. Xtra is an online magazine and community platform covering LGBTQ2S+ culture, politics and health.

David Dubinski is a Senior Fellow at the Centre on Governance in the University of Ottawa’s School of Political Studies. In the 1990’s he was on the staff of the Caucus of the federal New Democratic Party, including as Research Director. Starting in 2000 he worked in cultural policy in the federal public service in the fields of international trade, broadcasting, cultural industries and strategic policy. He was involved in the negotiation of WTO Agreements, the Canada-US-Mexico Agreement, and the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Expressions.

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