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What’s Going On In August In Montreal 2016 Edition

Thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council and the Department of Canadian Heritage for their on-going support. In problematizing mobility Live Action continues its stated objective to consciously trigger the understanding of performance art. Of course, no one can better than the artists themselves showcase different ways to conceive and embody mobility. They all think and work differently, comes from different backgrounds and cultures, bringing with them their various experiences.

Denounce capitalism and austerity, which are the causes themselves – not immigrants or people of colour – at the root of poverty and growing social insecurity. Some people getting the quoted bananas felt strongly that there was a message in it meant for them. A constellation of ethnically diverse and Indigenous futurisms have recently emerged to address similar themes of cultural alienation and reclamation. These narratives reject the idea of a compulsory black, Indigenous, or ethnic identity relegated to a historical past.

Montreal Highlights Festival

The Ontario Museum Association then led an automation project, encouraging museums to use new technologies and providing a computer advisory service. Today, digital platforms have become key to the OMA’s resource development and training activities. The province has also adapted to new realities, providing funding for digital initiatives and updating the standards to include electronic systems. For example, they are now asked to show social media plans to meet the provincial community standard. Elisha Limis a queer and transgender story-teller and graphic novelist whose book 100 Crushes was published by Koyama Press and nominated for a Lambda. LeRoi Newbold is community based visual artists, community organizer and educator.

The exhibition is grounded in Afrofuturism, which began in the ‘60s as a musical and literary genre that merges modern technology, African roots and futuristic imagery. By allegorically linking space travel with the forced migration of Africans slaves, Afrofuturism provides a platform to imagine alternative narratives of black identity that are empowered and self-determined. TOTUM is a group-oriented art zine collecting the works of up-and-coming Montreal illustrators. The idea behind it is to create a book with a rich variety of voices and visions, a place to take these individual pieces and to create a whole with them. The Artexte team is pleased to host an artist’s talk by Vancouver-based artist Ho Tam, who will give a talk on his serial artist’s publication projects.

Curatorial And Community

Her research looks at the interaction between intellectual property, property and contracts, as well as consumer and privacy law, as they relate to emerging technologies, business processes, media and platforms. Her book Copyright User Rights, Contracts and the Erosion of Property explores the rights users have to works protected by copyright (e.g. books, software, music, films) in an ever-changing technological environment. Pascale Chapdelaine has received various awards for her research and publications, including a Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Award . She is Co-Founder of Windsor Law LTECLab She holds an L.L.B. & B.C.L. from Mc Gill University Faculty of Law, an LL.M from the K.U.

  • She works with Virtual and Physical Interactive objects and environments toward a goal of creating revitalizing affect in the user.
  • I chose to examine nine port cities in the Mediterranean, as port cities were the main venues where cultural exchange happened in the 19th century and thus usually had more foreign schools than cities that were inland.
  • In 2004, Monique became founder and Executive Director of Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations ().
  • But at the last moment a Korean film came along that impressed me with its personality and charm, that being the period actioner Kundo.
  • The Emancipation of Authorship» and a number of books on media and politics.

It’s fair to say that she’s found the balance, because Lin’s artistic biography is staggering. Since her time as an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary, Lin has racked up over 150 credits in group and solo exhibitions, video screenings, residencies, artists’ book collections and workshops. But her list of accomplishments isn’t what Lin considers to be most important—it’s the people she’s been able to work with, and certain projects that have her particularly inspired. «I’ve been working in a really introspective way,» Jenny Lin said of her recent artistic endeavours. The visual artist and part-time Concordia professor has found herself in what seems to be a creative ebb—drawing back from her usual schedule to make room for new projects and pursuits. Stephen Surlin is a PhD candidate at McMaster University in Communications and Multimedia.

Art Et Féminisme Quelques Tendances Significatives

In an age when social media platforms are embedded into peoples’ daily routines and the boundaries between public and private spheres are blurred, the power yielded by rights of property extends workplace discipline far beyond one’s place of employment. This, in turn, challenges existing understandings of freedom of expression and the political economy of time. This summer, Vtape is supporting Phase 1 of curator/scholar Andrea Fatona’s crucial research project theState of Blackness Database. Lim’s research will include an exploration of the programming archive at A Space Gallery and the Vtape holdings.

Qouleur Festival

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